It's all in the Science

  • Promotes healthy aging. Studies link the meditteranean diet to longer health span, with some of these citing oleocanthal as a primary driver of these benefits

  • OLIGEN contains enough oleocanthal in one capsule to equal over 5 teaspoons of regular Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Put differently, one bottle of OLIGEN is equivalent to a whole liter of EVOO in its oleocanthal content.

  • OLIGEN helps to regulate cellular processes and promote health cells. Clinical and pre-clinical data support this with some studies indicating a risk reduction of up to 60% in problems associated with cellular regulation.

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Benefits that span the whole body

OLIGEN is the culmination of decades of research, multiple patents and thousands of years of Extra Virgin Olive Oil production packed into a single capsule that will pair with your body to help it stay healthier for longer. Hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific publications support taking OLIGEN with extremely broad benefits. See our science section for references.


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