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Science Always Comes First

Oleolive, the makers of Oligen, is not a supplement or marketing company, we are a biotech company doing cutting edge research on serious diseases. We are developing therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases and rare cancers. We took this insanely high standard and applied it to the development of Oligen. Oligen has been thoroughly researched in a wide array of models from in vitro to in vivo and even clinically as oleocanthal. There are hundreds of peer reviewed and published papers on the benefits of oleocanthal consumption and we are continually looking to improve the field. Our motto since inception has been "Science First" and we stuck to it taking four years to fully develop and commercialize our product, now known as Oligen. 


Clean, Minimal, Effective

As we developed Oligen, we kept a few things in mind that were important to us as a company and important to our customers. We wanted to make sure the only things in our product were what needed to be there, that is why Oligen only has two ingredients. First, the active, which is our patented extra virgin olive oil extract that we produce in-house and use water as the main solvent (no glycols or other petroleum based products) You get the natural compound in its natural form. Second, the only excipient we use is FujiCalin - a product that is at its core simply calcium. 

Nothing beyond these simple ingredients are required to deliver Oligen's benefits to you, the customer. Oligen is designed to convey this ethos. Minimal packaging, clinical layout and simple instructions, two caps per day.


Dr. Khalid El Sayed

Dr. El Sayed is the inventor of Oleolive's patent technology a co-founder of the company and a medicinal chemist. He is one of (if not, the most) published researchers in the field of Extra Virgin Olive Oil phenolics and an expert on oleocanthal. His discoveries have advanced our understanding of oleocanthal's mechanism of action, safety profiles, anti-neoplastic benefits and much more. 


Dr. Amal Kaddoumi

Dr. Kaddoumi has been with us since the beginning and was one of the first researchers to explore the cognitive enhancement benefits associated with consuming oleocanthal. She is a widely published figure in the field of Extra Virgin Olive Oil phenolics and has run multiple clinical trials assessing the effect of oleocanthal and its constituents on neurodegenerative diseases. 


Meet our team

Kiley Grant,

Alana Gray, PhD

David Coleman, PhD

Jim Cardelli, PhD