OLIGEN – Where Nature Meets Science to Form a Revolutionary New Health Supplement

In a world where technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs seem to dominate the landscape, the union of nature and science is proving to be a potent catalyst for innovation. One example of such a remarkable synergy is the creation of a new supplement that seamlessly blends the wisdom of nature with the precision of scientific discovery.  At Oleolive Inc, our scientists have studied natural products for years and are also trained as molecular biologists, thus combining these skills to generate the groundbreaking product Oligen.

The Genesis of Harmony

Our company’s journey began with a profound appreciation for the healing power of nature. Traditional medicine has long tapped into the bounty of the natural world, drawing on the therapeutic properties of plants, herbs, and minerals. This ancient wisdom serves as the inspiration for the fusion of nature and science in our quest for optimal health.

As a company, we recognized that the supplement industry’s foundation lies in carefully selected botanicals and organic compounds that have been revered for centuries for their health-enhancing properties. From the rainforests of the Amazon to the islands of Greece, nature provides a rich tapestry of ingredients, each with its unique set of benefits.

Oleolive Inc., a biotechnology company founded by scientists and subject matter experts, we are committed to exploring and unlocking the health benefits of EVOO widely regarded as a key component in the Mediterranean diet (MD), which has been linked to numerous positive health outcomes. We became dedicated to furthering our understanding of how key compounds in this diet could benefit the health of people around the world. Oligen was developed from this vision.

But what exactly makes Oligen so unique? It's the seamless blend of the best of both worlds - the time-tested wisdom of nature and the cutting-edge advancements of science. This combination is what sets Oligen apart from other products on the market. By carefully selecting and using scientific precision to extract potent natural ingredients from EVOO, a key source of the Mediterranean diet, Oleolive Inc. has created a formula that is truly groundbreaking.

Scientific Prowess

The true magic begins as science steps in to extract, refine, and amplify the potential locked within these natural ingredients. Advanced patented formulation methods, including “green” technology, are used by the scientists at Oleolive Inc. to extract the health promoting compounds from EVOO, thus ensuring the purity, safety and potency of the active compounds making up Oligen. This combination is what sets Oligen apart from other products on the market. By carefully selecting and combining natural ingredients with scientific precision, Oligen has created a formula that is truly groundbreaking.

Oleolive Inc. also delves into the molecular realm of medicine with over 100 years of combined molecular biology and biochemistry expertise, to study the precise mechanisms through which these natural compounds interact with the body. This knowledge guides the formulation process, allowing for the creation of a supplement that is not just a haphazard amalgamation of ingredients, but a carefully crafted symphony designed to harmonize with the body's intricate systems. As a company with our own research facility, we are good at what we do because we are also developing drugs to treat a range of human diseases which requires rigorous carefully controlled research.
Our team of experienced scientists and subject matter experts continue to work to uncover the many potential health benefits of EVOO, as well as the best ways to maximize its potential. We have partnered with Top Tier Universities where we are continuing to fund research on EVOO products. We are constantly on the lookout for new research and studies that can help us better understand the effects of EVOO products and promote them to our customers once validated. Our scientists at Oleolive Inc continue to publish articles describing at a molecular level how oleocanthal and other phenols promote health, and our formulation process yields a potent and stable powder contained in an easy to swallow capsule.

A Balancing Act

The approach at Oleolive Inc strikes a good balance between nature and science. While nature provides the raw materials, our scientific approach refines and optimizes these components for maximum efficacy. This delicate equilibrium ensures that the supplement remains true to its roots, preserving the holistic essence of natural healing while benefiting from the precision of scientific innovation.
Beyond addressing specific health concerns, Oligen highlights a holistic vision of well-being. It recognizes that true health extends beyond the treatment of preventable diseases or even the absence of illness to encompass a state of balance and vitality coupled with healthy aging. By synergizing the best of nature and science, it aims to support not only physical health but also mental and emotional well-being no matter what your age is.
Moreover, Oligen undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure its purity and potency. Each batch is tested for contaminants, ensuring that only the highest quality product reaches our customers. We take pride in our commitment to transparency and quality, providing you with a supplement you can trust.
Incorporating Oligen into your daily routine can have a profound impact on your overall well-being. By providing your body with the essential nutrients it needs, Oligen helps to support your immune system, enhance your cognitive function, and promote healthy aging. While Oligen is a product of nature and science, it is important to note its limitations. Oligen is not a magic pill or a cure-all. It is a carefully crafted supplement designed to complement a healthy lifestyle. It should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a commitment to overall well-being.

Take Home Message

When Nature meets Science, we witness a transformative union that heralds a new era in health supplementation. As we continue to discover the health benefits of plants in the natural world and delve deeper into the intricacies of our own biology, the potential for innovation in the realm of health and wellness becomes boundless. Oligen, the supplement born of this synergy and produced by Oleolive Inc, stands as a testament to the harmonious collaboration between the ancient wisdom of nature and the relentless curiosity of scientific exploration. As we continue to make discoveries on this journey, the possibilities for enhancing human health appear as vast and promising as the landscapes from which these natural ingredients are sourced.
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